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New Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Egypt - Details

According to the capital gains provisions of the treaty, the country of residence of the seller has the exclusive right to tax gains arising from the disposals of shares, except...

Cyprus and Egypt sign a new Double Tax Treaty

Cyprus and Egypt signed on 8 October 2019 a new Double Tax Treaty, aiming to replace the existing treaty, which is in force since March 1995...

New/Revised Fines by Cyprus Registrar of Companies

As from 18 December 2019 the Registrar of Companies shall impose an administrative fine for late filing of certain notifications, as analysed... 

Redomiciliation to and from Cyprus

Cyprus has become a very popular destination for redomiciliations (transfers of legal seat) to the country over the last few years and there are very good reasons for this.

Abolition of Capital Duty and Other Important Changes in Cyprus Companies’ Law

Some important amendments to the Cyprus Companies’ Law have been introduced recently...

Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Saudi Arabia to Enter in to Force

On 1 March 2019, the Double Tax Treaty (DTT) signed between Cyprus and Saudi Arabia will enter into force.

Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Andorra - Details

Details of the Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Andorra have become available...

Cyprus Company Obligations

With ever increasing regulations and reporting requirements, it is now of even more importance to ensure that Cyprus companies... 

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